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We offer you a large selection of different steel and industrial products from our wide range of suppliers.

Steel Cord, Hose & Bead Wire

Steel Long Products & Wire Rod

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It's not only about our products, but about the services we offer you.


Pisec Group offers you an extensive range of steel and other industrial products. Packing material is also part of our product range. This means you can buy different kinds of products from one source.


With every delivery we provide you all documents and certificates you may need. We can provide data even several years after delivery. Our sales process includes offer, order confirmation, delivery notice and invoice.


Most of our especially Eastern European suppliers require 100% pre-financing of the ordered products. We finance for you. With our extensive financing ability you don't have to worry about financing material in an Eastern European country or non-insurable suppliers.


We are an international company with branches all over the world. We have contact persons in different international languages that are directly in your market and are specialists in their line of business.


We offer you direct delivery to your stock or company, anywhere, anytime. You can choose if we should organize the transport or if you would like to use your own logistics. With deliveries just in time from our stocks we can provide products exactly when you need them.


We are a trustworthy and secure company with a history of nearly 70 years. We know the market, we know the people and we know the products.


Think global, act local

Karl Pisec

CEO and Shareholder

PISEC Group is a customer orientated trading company, servicing industries throughout the world. We serve as a specialised economic link between Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Eastern Europe and Western countries.

It has taken us many years to reach this point: It all began in the mid-1940's when two brothers, Karl J. and Rudolf Pisec decided to start a trading company in Vienna. Having some success they both decided to start their own companies. This was the beginning of PISEC Group in 1950 located in Vienna, the centre of East-West trade.

From the very beginning the company was a perfect link between the Eastern and Western economies and was capable of quickly adapting to their different needs. It rapidly became an important trading-house dealing with different commodities and services for industry. To guarantee continuity Karl Pisec took over the management from his father in 1994 after transforming the company into a limited liability corporation. We are proud to work with our long term partner Byelorussian Steel Works, especially in the Steel Cord and Hose Wire Business, for many years now but to extend our business to suppliers and mills in Asia and around the world.

Besides our headquarter in Vienna we have offices in New York, Miami, Moscow, Mumbai, Minsk, Katowice, Klaipeda and others. Having a variety of partnerships is what enables PISEC Group to be a true global player.

Please find below a small overview of our customers...

Our offices

We offer you a worldwide service structure, in your market.

  • Vienna, Austria


    Being the Headquarters since 1950, the viennese office functions as coordinator between the different world-wide activities and offices, besides servicing its own customer base.

    Pisec Group GmbH
    Gusshausstraße 12
    1040 Vienna, Austria
    e-mail: office@pisec.com
    Tel.: +43 1 505 32 15

  • New York City, USA

    Sales Office

    Our sales office for the United States and South America located in New York serves our customers with speciality steel.

    Pisec Group America LLC
    57 W. 57th Street, 4th Floor
    New York, NY 10019, USA
    e-mail: america@pisec.com
    Tel.: +1 646 416 7893

  • Katowice, Poland

    Sales Office

    Our new Sales Office in Katowice for Long- and Flatproducts sourced around the World.

    Pisec Group Poland Sp. z o.o.
    Jesionowa 9A (office 712)
    40-159 Katowice, Poland
    e-mail: poland@pisec.com
    Tel.: +48 32 205 01 33

  • Mumbai, India

    Sourcing Office

    Our office for local communication with the indian steel mills and establish new sourcing possibilities in India.

    PISEC Group India LLC
    e-mail: india@pisec.com

  • Minsk, Belarus

    Sales Office

    We use our office in Belarus for direct communication with BMZ and to coordinate new projects with our partners.

    Korotkevicha str., 9A, floor 3, office 301b
    Minsk, 220039, Belarus
    e-Mail: belarus@pisec.com

  • Moscow, Russia

    Sales Office

    Our office in Russia located in Moscow represents us for sales to the Russian Federation.

    Pisec Group Moscow

    e-Mail: russia@pisec.com

  • Klaipeda, Lithuania

    Sales Office

    Having an exit to the Baltic Sea, our Klaipeda office has a perfect location to manage the transportation of steel products over sea and per railroad.

    UAB Pisec Group Scandinavia

    Liepu str. 5
    92138 Klaipeda, Lithuania
    e-Mail: scandinavia@pisec.com
    Tel.: +370 46 300 833

  • Miami, USA

    Sales Office

    The company is a joint venture between Pisec Group and Byelorussian Steel Works, "BMZ" in Belarus.

    Bel-Kap-Steel, LLC
    80 SW 8th street, Suite # 2157
    Miami, FL 33130, USA
    e-mail: office@belkap.com
    Tel.: +1 305 810 28 28

  • Think
    act local

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Pisec Group GmbH
Gusshausstraße 12
1040 Vienna
Tel.: +43 1 505 32 15 0